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    Oni Tattoo
    293 Manhattan Ave Brooklyn NY 11211, (Williamsburg)

For booking please send e-mail to address above.
Or use the message box on the left. (please leave a email where I can reach you back)

~Thank you for taking interest in Jason Ante’s work. We are truly honored for every request that is submitted, however due to high volume of request not all request may receive a response. ~

In order to arrange a consultation please send a E-mail to jasonante@gmail.com on the subject please write “consultation” in caps.

From there a consultation will be arrange on the next earliest available day he has open. (we will also try to work with your schedule the best we can)

On the day of the consultation you will be able further discuss your ideas with the artist, measure out where you will be getting the tattoo and once you and the artist have come to an agreement with the design he will then be able to give a rough estimate of the length of the project and cost.

(please bring any reference material you may have)
Before any appointments are scheduled, a deposit is required prior to every tattoo, scheduling a appointment and a drawing started. (minimum deposit is $80 to $150 depending on project)

*This deposit will be returned on the last and final sitting of the tattoo. If you decided you no longer want to get tattooed %50 of your deposit will be refunded to you.

*Actually tattoo appointment are scheduled 3 weeks to a month from the day of the consultation.

* A sketch will be presented to you a week before the appointment. If any changes need to be made to the design it can be done within that week before the tattoo appointment.

Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.